Pointers and reminders



Using the languages of art, design and storytelling GRAINOFGOLD [GOG] creates intriguing visceral objects. They serve as pointers and reminders to that which has born the name GRAINOFGOLD after all.
However ordinary or extraordinary, eventually the most important is that they point or remind of our true and authentic value.


Summoning the sublime in GRAINOFGOLD's aspiration, approach and work, there is always something that is pointing or reminding of the transcendent. Whereby the transcendent has not necessarily to do with religion but with something that goes towards the search for truth.
Light, yet profound, the expressions found give space to experience art and design as potent approach and remedy transcending our limitations.
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The GOG bags

In one of the latest projects GRAINOFGOLD has been in quest of the golden thread between fashion and collective well-being.
We have upcycled material that has been used for advertising and crafted unique bags with a fresh design in cooperation with mentally and physically disabled people.
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What we feed ourselves with at Grainofgold

Our eclectic, well selected resources from which we draw to inspire our minds range from ancient wisdoms to art, books, design, films and stories among others.
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We believe that awareness is the foundation for a better world